MATURE ONLY: what are some signs that you look for to know someone is attracted to you?!

Question: MATURE ONLY: what are some signs that you look for to know someone is attracted to you?
I'm just curious:
This questions is relevant to the work-place, neighborhood, or at a place like the mall: what are some signs that you look for to think that someone MAY be attracted to you. I'm 23 years old and I have 2 jobs (computer technician and a bouncer at a nightclub). I'm always surprised by the females that are attracted to me because they are very attractive themselves..(i'm working on my self-esteem, but it's a lil low). When I do find out, everyone seems to know that that person was attracted to me except me. I'm starting to think that I'm a bit naive.

As far as the self-esteem part goes, I guess I feel unworthy of any very attractive female being attracted to me. I've noticed that it's hard for me to get an errection during intercourse towards someone that I consider very attractive. I never had a father figure to show me how to approach females, but I watched enough television to know how to respect a woman. Though I work as a bouncer, I don't look at a female's a** unless I know that absolutely no one is looking at me and even then I do it very secretly.


They make a lot of eye contact, manage to be around you more than is necessary i.e. if you are on the door, they seem to be going out a lot or near the toilets, they keep going to the toilet just to be near you. They keep coming up to you talking and smiling and asking you questions. Touching their hair and putting it back off their faces and messing with it.

Good looking girls are no different that any other girls in their own self esteem so don't put them on too high a pedestal. No-one girl is completely happy with themselves, no matter how attractive. They are human like everyone else and sometimes a little lonelier because men are afraid to approach them because they think they are out of their league and also some women don't like them because they are jealous. Just be kind, funny, laugh and enjoy yourself with them. Making a girl laugh is the best way to her heart in my experience.

Signs that you know someone is attracted to you:

They talk to you, not you talk to them.

They smile at you, or even wink (if they wink, go for it)

They want to get to know you

Good luck!

Repeated eye contact, smiles when she sees you, extra giggly

judging by your environment,
you cant really,... well,
it depends on your definition of attraction,
if you mean attraction like lets ****,
or attraction like i want to have a long and meaningful relationship with you, then there are different signs,

im telling you now, if your in for a long lasting relationship you are probably not going to find it with the girls who are coming up to you when your being a bouncer at the night club, simply because they are probably doing that in hope that they get special treatment, or just because they are being crazy, drunk, etc, they dont really care, its just lustful fun, in that case, yes, they are sexually attracted to you at that moment, and they are probably doing it to every other guy they meet,

as for relationship wise, youd want to look for someone who enjoys talking to you, talks to you on a regular basis, lots of eye contact, very comfortable around you, compliments you, enjoys your presence and makes you know it, youll be able to tell when someone is attracted to you in this way, you just have to pay close attention to what they do,

youll be able to tell,
i think your just confused because the things that happen at the nightclub, and events during the day seem to be taking a toll on your judgment about what shows that someone is genuinely attracted to you,


" My advice , ' speak ,

only when spoken to ' . "

" When she does speak

to you , you then have an

opportunity to find out if ,

or not , she is ALREADY


she just Likes to go out

on dates ; ( i. e. ' Benefit

of the Doubt ' ) , if she is

with a friend that is more

attracted to you than she

happen to be , or if she is

just playing ; ( flirting with

you ) , before you accept

her invitation to ask her out

on your first date with her . "

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