Does Edge retiring mean Randy Orton will be drafted to SmackDown to increase the star-power?!

Question: Does Edge retiring mean Randy Orton will be drafted to SmackDown to increase the star-power?

I could see that happening. He can feud with Del Rio , Jack Swagger , Cody Rhodes , Drew McIntyre, etc. Or if they turn him Heel , he can feud with Undertaker , Christian , Rey Mysterio , etc. Either way , there's alot of people he can feud with on Smackdown.

It's possible. I'd like for this to happen, but on the other hand I'd also like to see some of the current Smackdown talent to get a push. I'd be happier with someone like Cody Rhodes or Christian as the face of smackdown.

Edge, you will be missed.

i hope for christian to become the man to increase the star power on smackdown by being world champion. i think that orton could also go on smackdown as well

can you feel the vibe?

Edge has been carrying smackdown the last few months, but is WWE thnking that Orton is the guy to take his place?... Probably won't happen i'm afraid, although it isn't that bad of an idea.

Or maybe - god forbid - they'll use their existing talent that they like to ignore?

--thank you edge--

Edge > Randy Orton


Friday friday im an idiot friday and everyday for that matter.

Idk, it might happen. It'd be cool though.


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