Is it ok to keep the onigiri overnight?!

Question: Is it ok to keep the onigiri overnight?
I'm planning to make onigiri for my boyfriend and my 100 Day.

Since i know i can't wake up early in the morning to make the onigiri and I have class at 8am, I was wondering if i make them the night before then store it in the fridge overnight.

If so, are there any tips where I can make sure it's still fresh the next morning?

Thank you! :) Much appreciated if you answer before April 15th.


You can store them in the fridge, but you may find that the rice will get a bit dry and hard by the time you get round to eating them.

One option is to leave the onigiri somewhere else cool, but not as cold as a refrigerator. Something like a garage for example might be suitable. Alternatively, you can warm them up in a microwave for a few seconds before eating which might help also.

You could also try making yaki-onigiri which is grilled onigiri. This only works when the onigiri does not have a nori seaweed wrapping as it needs to be grilled in a pan. Keep the pan dry and cook the onigiri on both sides for a few minutes until the rice is slightly crispy and dry on the outside. You can then add a small amount of soy sauce to the onigiri before eating. Or if you have a bbq, try cooking the onigiri on that while on a piece of foil, they taste great!

Hope you enjoy the onigiri, I love it when someone makes onigiri for me so I am sure that your boyfriend will appreciate it no matter what! :)

yes, they'll keep over night.

have fun.


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