I would like to know if Indian people eats chocolate and what is your favorite flavours?!

Question: I would like to know if Indian people eats chocolate and what is your favorite flavours?
I am from Brazil, and this is a school work about chocolate aroud the world: their tastes, their flavour, etc. In Brazil, we eat a lot of different marks of chocolate, mostly national products, such as Garoto, Cacau Show and Brasil Cacau, but we have Nestlé, too, that we can find in any market and supermarket. How is it in India? (Sorry for my bad English).


Actually in India you will find a good collection of choclates especially cadbury. Cadburys is one company who have introduced choco cadbury in India and is famous for. Here from young to old, everyone like cadbury choclates. We have Nestle too here. All these choclates are available everywhere in the shop including supermarket. The flavours would be like plain cadbury, cadbury with fruit and nuts, with almonds, with extra silky taste cadbury. I like cadbury with almond the most.

we eat a lot of chocolates,in daily life,on special occassions,festivals etc... Cadbury has the biggest market here dairy milk,perk,five star,silk etc are some popular cadbury products. Nestlé is also popular kitkat,munch etc.we also like fererro rochers,toblerone etc as well..
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yes they do i'm such a huge chocolate fan .If give me whole chocolates to eat , i can eat..................
my favourite flavours are- of course Diary milk(silk)
-Lindt(Machiato,Stracciatella,Mandoline,… Elite,Harmonie,Noccino,Nussfin,Giandujot… Reve,Amande de Luxe)etc................................…

Indians like Cadbury and Nestle the most. There are lot of varieties in chocolate with almond nuts, peanuts candy and badam

We generaly like dark pure chocolates

yea we do...............of course...............i personally like lindtt a lot

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