is food good? I've never tasted it? What is it like?!

Question: Is food good? I've never tasted it? What is it like?
i haven't tasted food before, what is it like? I have an extremely rare condition in which i can't eat anything. I have surprisingly lived for the past 40 years and in a couple weeks my doctor said it would be okay to have my first bite of food.


food is delicious!!!!
im sorry about your condition. Italian is my favorite!!!

Very rare!
Try a cheeseburger a very tasty treat find a good place look at ratings and stuff and you will love it
Tell the waiter and he may recommend good choices

...........its great, just don't eat trash and you'll be all right


food tastes like rainbows and Unicorn turds!

Nom Nom nom

You're in for a shock... a good one!

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