whats the difference between wieners, franks, hot dogs, sausage and chorizo?!

Question: Whats the difference between wieners, franks, hot dogs, sausage and chorizo?
i see all these products but whats the difference


I think the first three are basically the same thing with different names, while sausage can come in a variety of forms, and chorizo is different, depending on the country. I've never had chorizo from Spain, and from Mexico it is a type of sausage, but I can't describe the taste, but it is good. Chorizo and eggs is a pretty good dish.

Well wieners, franks and hot dogs are pretty much the same just depending on the brand the ingredients will change but any who that's made up of all the other stuff they don't use from the cow they throw in pretty much everything gross YouTube a video and you'll see sausage kinda the same but they use thicker pieces in there and usually have more pepered flavor to them chorizo is not in this category you can't grill it and throw it on a bun as you cook it it's desolved it has red chili on it some herbs and spices that's why it's red it's just in a tube because it's esker to package

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