do you like jam or lemon tarts with a cup of tea..?!

Question: Do you like jam or lemon tarts with a cup of tea..?

omg i just love them lemon ones yummy yes please


This sounds really good, but let me tell you my favorite tea/sweet combination in the evenings: rooibos tea (South African "bush" tea) and fig bars. This is a yummy combination and rooibos tea is light in flavor, herbal and very good for you.

I prefer sultana scones spread with fresh strawberry jam... save the tarts for after a meal or for a lunchbox!

red. i buy six in one back , only red tarts for me and my sisters!

Lemon tarts. They're my favorite.

red jam ones.!

Not the biggest fan of jam but tea?yes please.

Yes,It is so Yummy !

may I have one of each please as I can`t make decisions

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