why are hotdogs bad for me?!

Question: Why are hotdogs bad for me?

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hotdog's actually come with sugar pockets inside them. sugar pockets are these little microscopic pants than are covered in pockets FILLED of sugar. you cant taste the pants because they're constructed as water, to have no flavor. therefore, hotdogs are one of the most unhealthy things to eat!

No fibre, no vitamins, no fresh ingredients.
Added salt, added high fructose corn syrup, added sulphites, added colourings, added nose, ear and eyeball cartilage ( you want to eat that?).

Nothing fresh, natrual or good about them.
Even the protein content is suspect. Cooked animal meat mulch ( feet, bones, tongues and ears) does not contain edible protein.

You're tasting the spices and fat, thats why you like them. Also they're rubbery, and that's pleasing to you.

Just imagine squashing a pink hotdog up in your hand, and putting it in a plastic bag. Then keep it in the warm oven overnight. It's going to rot, that's what happened inside your body.

It depends on what kind you get some are more unhealthy than others. It's good to stay away from the tofu dogs, they change your hormones, not good. Plus they don't taste all that great.

Regular hot dogs aren't that nutritious, they are usually very high in fat (the bad fat) & greasy. One in awhile is fine with anything like hamburgers, pizza or fried food (& hot dogs) but not as part of a regular diet. Since they are high in bad fat, this kind of food can cause you to either gain weight (with cellulite) or make it harder to get in good shape. I'd stick with white meat non-fried chicken, fish & eggs for your protein intake.


Fun to eat, made out of scraps and made into a tube shape that makes them easy to eat.

Full of ground ears,snouts and plenty of salt. I still love em!!!!

High in saturated fat and sodium. and the bun is white bread.

no one knows what they are made out of


Have you ever looked at the list of ingredients? Yech!

I think you have eaten too much.

maybe because you have an allergic reaction to it

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