Best way to store unpeeled onions ?!

Question: Best way to store unpeeled onions ?
I put inside the cabinet and sealed with plastic bag. Now it has gone moldy and there are black stuffs.
But when I peel it inside looks okay. I ate it and it didn't taste bad. But I think this is not the best way to store. Even keeping in fridge makes it kind of soft and not hard. Should I just leave in the floor ?
But the floor is hot cause it's cold these days, I put the heater on high.
My cabinet kind of stinks cause I never open it and I think it will get moldy again.


I use a hanging vegetable basket; the air flows around the onions and keeps them from getting too moist and molding.…

Something like this, but mine are copper.

Never store onions in plastic it will built condensation and start to grow mold and rot.
Not in the fridge either :…

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