Please give me some great EASY snack ideas?!

Question: Please give me some great EASY snack ideas?
I love fresh fruit, but surely all that sugar, even if it is natural isn't good for me? i like thats its all natural and healthy yet so easily portable in my bag!! lol does anyone have any similar to fruit snack ideas? thanks a lot my fellow foodiees :) xxxx


I like to add fresh fruit into low fat vanilla yogurt .yogurt has a healthy effect on the digestive systen

Avacado on bread or on savoury bisquits
Tomatoes chopped up on top of bruschetta drizzled with olive oil and fresh basil
Re-fried beans on toast
Humus with carrots, peppers and cucumber
Carrot and apple juice (if you have a juicer)

Etc it doesn't have to just be fruit to be healthy! These will fill you up for longer as well. There are many vegetable soups like mushroom that can be made very quickly as well.

Fruit is really good for you, the sugar is good carb as opposed to bad carb.
1/2 apple with a little peanut butter.
Yogurt (read the ingredients for a healthy version).
Diced hardboiled egg, tomato and cucumber can mix together with just a touch of Light Ranch if you like (take the little to go packet and when ready).
Healthy trail mix that includes a little dried cranberries.

In the U.S. and North America visit They are the nations largest retailer and they have recipes too. Try to find the nearest location nearest you and you will find alot of healthy snack ideas. hope I helped. you may try apple sandwiches slices of apples with your choice of no sugar added whole foods products already in bags. Fruit strips no sugar added. 100% juice soda and you are on your way. The Whole Foods Market may have better ideas for your specific tastes.

I invested in a Japanese mandolin cutter to slice fruit and veg really thin. That way I was able to make my own fruit snacks like dried apple crisps, pear, even banana.

Not fruit but still good for you...
Popcorn - pop it yourself and have it just plain, with salt or with salt & butter
Carrots - a whole carrot is boring but as soon as they are peeled and cut into sticks they suddenly become more-ish

apple and cheese slices taste great together
or yougurt, with granola, and fresh berries on top is fantastic.
pretzels and peanut butter

Mixed fresh berries topped with Alpro yoghurt.

An apple sliced in pieces is the right way to go, or an orange. No sugar, and fresh out the peel!

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