Is it bad to eat raw eggs?!

Question: Is it bad to eat raw eggs?
Ok, hear me out: My sister just ate a whole raw egg. But salmonella lives on the egg shell- not the interior. Is she gonna get sick?


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You are incorrect, the egg itself is subject to salmonella infection. Chicken themselves get infected with it, and it is in their body including that eggs they lay.

I don't know rhett you got the idea that salmonella was only on the shell but that is factually incorrect.

It's highly unusual to find bacteria inside eggs because they have some very sophisticated defense mechanisms, which make them hostile to bacterial growth. According to the American Egg Board, an average of 1 in every 20,000 eggs in the United States might contain the bacteria.

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ok, i dunn heard ya out and heres what i have to say,
I once had a fish whose name was ella and as you probahly have guessed she was a salmon hence we called her salmonella . A fine fish was she but when she was mad we did walk on eggshells.
I'm not sick or then am I ?

Maybe, maybe not. Her chances are very slim, but there is always the possibility. Only time will tell.

I do ,but not very often. I call them prairie oysters

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