Is it wrong to like honey and cucumber sandwiches?!

Question: Is it wrong to like honey and cucumber sandwiches?
Because I like honey and cucumber sandwiches...
Oh, and edam cheese with Bovril :D


Absolutely nothing wrong with that. Enjoy your sandwiches dude! :D

Everyone has there different tastes. I, personly, think the honey and cucumber would be good. The edam cheese, well, i dont like cheese on alot of things...And Bovril...I don't know what that is. BUT LIKE THAT, EVERY ONE HAS DIFFERENT TASTES, ITS FINE, (if your friends think your weird,just say your unique)

If you like that combination - try pickled cucumbers with honey. Very exotic taste I must admit.

I'm OK with the honey and cucumber bit, but you lose me with the Bovril. Sorry, that stuff's nasty.

No..whatever floats your boat!!
It's better thsn just eating tasteless crappy fastfood allday
and its healthy

Whats wrong with that, it sounds kinda good! Is it wrong for eating popcorn in a bowl of milk like cereal? ymmy

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