Any ideas for a good lunch?!

Question: Any ideas for a good lunch?
I am in high school and I do not buy the cafeteria food so I pack my lunch. I usually just pack a small water bottle, white rice, and gyeongju bread. I love gyeongjiu bread so I will always pack that but I get so sick of rice because I have rice for lunch and dinner. My parents are Korean so they usually cook Korean food and I love Korean food but I get so sick of rice. I want to know a good lunch but I just do not want a Peanut Butter sandwich because they are horrible, plain, and I don't like them. I eat meat and will pretty much eat anything. I also want other ideas besides water.


How about a sandwich! They are very portable and you could use whole wheat bread or pita pockets or tortillas and stuff them with anything you like such as meat, vegetables, etc...

Gatorade, iced tea, capri suns. And how about sauteed veggies, meat, and noodles. Either top ramen cooked and sauteed or pkged oriental noodles. You could marinate your meat overnight and in the morning cook it all up. I love lumpia and it usually makes a lot so you could freeze some and deepfry them in the morning and microwave them at lunch. Any leftovers as well.

...there are many cold foods that can be taken....a friend takes sandwiches with dried tomatoes and olives and could try some salads, crepes, antipastos, or just google picnic foods and recipes like the japanese bento :P you could try tea instead of water, or whatever you can think of....
anyway, good luck! hope you find yummy ideas for your lunch :3
have a nice day,

How about a pasta salad with pesto? You could take juice instead of water. Or take pita bread sandwiches with grilled chicken and mayo. Its not that hard to come up with better lunch ideas than rice and bread and water!

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