How to loss belly fat and fat in your thighs (ecspecially the inner)?!

Question: How to loss belly fat and fat in your thighs (ecspecially the inner)?
So, i have been working out for the past several months and my thigh muscles have become very large but the fat around it is staying. What can I do? Also, any suggestions to loss belly fat?



I understand the problem you’ve been going through when trying to lose weight and flatten your stomach. My friend was in the same situation as you, nothing seemed to work for him until he came across the truth about six-pack abs. He’s had great success with it, and maybe this is something which could be right for you. Good luck !

that's a very hard question to answer with so little information. You didn't list your weight. You said you have been working out for the past several months but how long has it been since you've worked out? I'm not a expert but I do gain weight easily and suddenly. So does my 27 yr old daughter. We've been like that for years. I'm not much into aerobics, I prefer floor work. Pilates is a pretty darn good workout plan that will work and there are different areas of the body that they focus on with each program. I have been using a workout that is really ancient but is still on sale online. I got it for $20. The title is "WORKOUT" and it's by Jane Fonda. "It's a complete two part course: Beginner and Advanced. Original Sound Track/90 minutes." This workout will actually burn up calories as well as tone the muscles. I believe that what you're looking for is toning of the muscles without strain and bringing down that mass before starting to build them up. The "Beginners" workout is only 30 minutes and I've found that with that workout 3 days a week I'm able to MAINTAIN a good figure. When I've gained weight it always seems as if it takes forever to lose it and the burning sensations that occur during the workout ends up feeling natural and healthy after you start looking better. Another workout coordinator I'd recommend is 'Denise Austin'. I'm pretty old fashioned so these references may be out dated but still available. After workouts I would rewind and do a few more repetitions of the leg exercises. Hope this gives you an idea of what may help. Eat nutritious foods.

Jane Fonda, Denise Austin, Pilates

Despite what people think, crunches, situp and muscle training DO NOT WORK like that.
If you want to lose weight in fat you need to do cardio training.
Cardio training can be anything between running, cycling, dancing or whatever.
Cardio train for AT LEAST 15 minutes at a time at a rate that u can keep up with.
If you cardio less than that you wont have any considerable effect.

If you combine cardio with muscle training you will get that slim, toned look.
Below is a website with every possible type of muscle training there is

1 is food, eat OFTEN, not MUCH, healthy and eat lots of protein which helps build up muscle, avoid too much carbs and fat (fast food is bad bad bad bad)
2 is determination, go to the gym and do it consistently and work out at least twice a week in intervals
3 make a food and training plan and stick to it, youll thank yourself in the end.

good luck :)

I used to weigh 275 pounds, now, I have 190 pound muscular body :)

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