About how many calories? Did I eat too much?!

Question: About how many calories? Did I eat too much?
I'm trying to eat more so I don't get hospiitalized...how is this? How many calories?
*my dad made me eat the burger and fries - I know it's bad so don't tell me.

1 cup of honey kix cereal (120cal)
Half a whole wheat wrap with 3 slices of roast beef, lettuce, and onion
A cheeseburger and a cup of fries (bun is 120cal, cheese 70, and idk about the frozen patty)
Exercise: did the elliptical for 10mins, jogged a mile, did 200 crunches, did 30 push ups, and spun flag for 2 hours

I'm 5'9 and 112lbs


If your exercising that much, you should definitely be eating more, and for your height you are most definitely underweight. You can keep your meal sizes the same, but I would say try to eat more fruits and vegetables, less empty calories, and add some snacks in between meals, it will definitely help out a lot without causing you to put on unhealthy weight.

you need to gain about 10-15 pounds ditch all fast food and stick to fruits veggies and lean red meats add some whey protein after you gain switch red meat to white and add fish to your diet your not to underweight


You're doing good, keep it up!

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