How can I enjoy eating snails?!

Question: How can I enjoy eating snails?
Ok so I bought some snails with garlic they had at the store. They were kind of expensive but thought I want to try them even though I don't like the idea of eating snails at all. I tried 2 the other day and was feeling like throwing up just by the thought but when I tried them they were actually not bad at all, they kind of tasted like mussels. I still have more and have to finish them but I again feel nauseous just by the thought of what they are. Should I eat them? Im a little hungry but i feel nauseous by thinking about them.


Escargot used to gross me out too but when I had them baked in a dish with garlic and butter and lots of cheese on top they were delicious. Oh you can also scoop out the cheese baked escargot and put it on a cracker or crispy bread as well. And top the dish with bread crumbs! Yum, I want some now

Just look at them like you would eating any other meat or food. If you think about it there isn't any difference between eating a snail or a cow or a lobster or a salmon...they are all animals. The only difference is the perception of the animal that we have in our culture.

Don't think about what they are. I have only had them with garlic butter and that was what they tasted like to me.

Sorry i would throw anything out and not buy it again if it made nauseous. You live and learn

Wonderful escargots. I could eat ten now.

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