Where did my hotdog go?!

Question: Where did my hotdog go?
Ok, about 2 months ago when there was about a foot of snow in our back yard, well, it's a long story. My mom had left over hotdogs and me and my sister weren't hungry enough so when my mom left we threw it in the snow. I told my sister " When spring comes we should see if it's still there" it was funny. But now it's nearly spring and I looked where I threw the hotdog and I couldn't find it. What do you think happened to it? LMAO!!


Anyone of several animals could have taken it depending where you live:
squirrels, deer, raccoons, bear, dogs, cats. I have found that wild animals will eat things that people wouldn't believe. We always put our pumpkins in the backyard every year - squirrels and deer enjoy them.

Your mom is using the hot dog as flavorful dildo.


Some animal carried it off or maybe a homeless person found them.

a animal ate it


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