How can I survive on $8 dollars for 6 days?!

Question: How can I survive on $8 dollars for 6 days?
Im waiting on my employer to backpay me for 4 weeks of wages which will come through next wednesday. Till then I have $8 to live on after 4 weeks of no income. Ive got rent paid but thats it. Ive got no food or fuel or anything. All I have to do is not starve to death by wednesday (6days) and Ill survive. Also I have no cooking utensils so rice is not an option.


If you have friends, family, you can always invite yourself over for dinner, and offer to do the clean up. There also may be soup kitchens (places that offer free food 3 times a week to homeless/low income families) You can also go to church and request some food from their food bank. You can forage for food, wild berries, edible vegetation... You may go to a local market and see if there is any expired food they will be tossing that might allow you to come back later to pick up. You may offer free services in exchange for food, for example, if you are great with mechanical skills, you can offer to fix someones vehicle in exchange for some food/money etc.

There are .79 cent tacos at taco bell. But who wants to eat tacos for 6 days? ha nobody. I suggest going to a friend or realitive and asking to borrow some money until you get your pay check. you mentioned no fuel! With gas prices these days, you won't be able to go anywhere!! I'm sure there is someone you know who will loan you 50 bucks or so until you can get your check...hope this was helpful.

best answer please?

So your saying you have no snacks or food in ur house... man just sell ur house



Taco Bell- .79 cents
Ramen- It tastes pretty good and i love it and its cheap and its easy to make, its like noodle :)
Mcdonalds- Dollar Menu
White Castle- White castle
Dunkin Donuts- 6 Donuts
Wendy's- Food
Garbage can- S*
Violence- Death
Peanut Butter Sandwich :D lol
Saltine Crackers?
Go to ur local bakery?


you've got to borrow a pot with a lid. and a strainer(any size). then buy 2 boxes of pasta,salt, and if you like, marinara sauce. cook pasta according to instructions and add salt and marinara sauce.when you get ur $ in 6 days, buy one pot and strainer so you won't be in this postion again.
if this is not possible for you, try googling a soup kitchen that's nearby.

I would get a huge tub of oatmeal or grits you can add raisins and nuts to add some flavor. Try looking for food banks in you area. They'll give you enough groceries to get by. Good luck.

growing up ghetto

Ramen is those cheap cheap noodles you get for 20 cents-
buy rice, ramen noodles, and some potatos and oranges- which ever the cheapest fruit is, get that.

Have you heard of "cup o noodles" ???

Otherwise, maybe a loaf of bread, a packet of bologna, and some saltine crackers...

As far as food goes, I would stick to ramen. It really doesn't get much cheaper than ramen. As far as other stuff, maybe you could borrow some money from someone in the meantime.

Hotdogs bread peanut butter

Been there before

McDonalds, dollar menu.

That's called a poor diet in every which way. I think I'd buy no frills peanut butter, crackers and milk. Good luck.

If you have a microwave you could cook ramen. Ramen is like 80 cents per thing in the Styrofoam.

Get Taco Bell d:
They're super cheap and you can get a lot for very few.

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