Is HEADCHEESE good...........?!

Question: Is HEADCHEESE good...........?
it looks terrible, is it?


Head cheese is not actually cheese, but a jellied meat dish made from the head of a pig or calf. Occasionally, a sheep’s or cow’s head may be used. Head cheese typically takes the form of a large sausage and is served sliced as a cold cut. Alternatively, it may be made in a mold or pan and served as a terrine. It is usually eaten slightly chilled or at room temperature, to prevent the gelatin from melting.
To make head cheese, the split or quartered head is then simmered in a large stockpot until the meat is so tender that it falls off the bone. The skull is removed from the cooking liquid and allowed to cool enough so that it can be handled. The meat is then picked off the skull and chopped.

The cooking process is where head cheeses diverge according to culture and taste. Some cooks add a pig’s foot along with the skull for added collagen. Ingredients vary by culture and region, thus altering the color of the head cheese accordingly. In Southern Louisiana, in the United States, head cheese, also known as souse, is traditionally flavored with vinegar and hot sauce. Vinegary Pennsylvania Dutch souse is also made with the addition of a pig’s foot, and occasionally the tongue of the animal.

Modern cooks who wish to produce their own head cheese but lack ready access to a fresh pig’s head can substitute pork shoulder and unflavored gelatin. Also, varieties of head cheese are made that contain no red meat but instead are made with chicken and fish.

Just reading that may make you want to second guess yourself. But try it any ways! You may like it I mean c'mon, thousands of people it and don't die and think it taste good. So give it a shot

Wise Greek

it is delicious if it is made right and doesn't contain garbage.
I have seen some where you can clearly pick out the cartlidge and skin and that is NOT what head cheese is about.
Headcheese contains the meat from the head of the pig and other bits and pieces of meat. The meat is cooked till it falls off the bones. Heavily seasoned, packed into the lining of a stomach with some of the broth and pressed to chill and take shape.
Sliced and eaten on a sandwich its divine.

EARBREAD is better

Who says?

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