I just saw a video about where meat comes from. how can i eat meat again without feeling grossed out?!

Question: I just saw a video about where meat comes from. how can i eat meat again without feeling grossed out?
i think vegetarianism is great but i'm not really wanting to become vegetarian. But ever since i saw this video i cant help but feel grossed out every time i have chicken nuggets or a steak. How can i eat meat again without feeling grossed out?


There is a reason you are grossed out. Stick with the veggies.

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where did you think meat came from? It's always come from cows, chickens and pigs.

If you're upset about animals being killed for their meat, think about the animals that die in the fields during the planting, cultivation, and harvesting of grains and veggies that make up the vegetarian diet.

Excerpt from the link:

"Animals of the field are killed by several factors, including:

1. Tractors and farm implements run over them.
2. Plows and cultivators destroy underground burrows and kill animals.
3. Removal of the crops (harvest) removes ground cover allowing animals on the surface to be killed by predators.
4. Application of pesticides.

So, every time the tractor goes through the field to plow, disc, cultivate, apply fertilizer and/or pesticide, harvest, etc., animals are killed. And, intensive agriculture such as corn and soybeans (products central to a vegan diet) kills far more animals of the field than would extensive agriculture like forage production, particularly if the forage was harvested by ruminant animals instead of machines. So perhaps fewer animals would be killed by producing beef, lamb, and dairy products for humans to eat instead of the vegan diet envisioned by Regan."

Whether you like it or not, you're part of nature. Something is going to die so you can eat. Whether you choose to eat them or not, animals will die for your diet.


I'm not a vegetarian either, although I do have vegetarian meals sometimes. You need to be realistic, where did you think the meat/protein you were eating came from and how it got on your plate. Do you think the animals just peacefully go to sleep one night and not wake up (that would be nice) not the case. Where how do you think those leather shoes, belt, furniture...gets made. I wouldn't be grossed out as much as I would be sad for the animal and have you considered the living conditions and treatment of most of these animals before they are slaughtered, pretty sad.

By cutting it up and adding some steak sauce! Please don't watch a video of where babies come from or there will be no sex either in the future! Vegetarian kill me because they don't think about plants being a living organism! We need both plant and animal to live properly. Not eating meat also has it's drawbacks, so suck it up and chow down!

Think about the food chain - bigger animals always (if they are not herbivores) eats smaller animals just to survive. Thats the way it goes and you can't change.
And don't think about animals as in cartoons - they are not like humans.


The video merely presented the reality of where meat comes from and how it gets to the supermarket. That you were grossed out is natural. It's your conscience that stops you from eating flesh foods without a second thought.

31 and have been a veg for 13 years of my life. Love it, so much healthier! Got to vegweb.com for recipes and info, and google Vegetarian starter kit.

Don't think about where it come from! Think about something else.

Don't think about where it came from.
Think only about the taste.

I want to see it too!!!:O

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