Would be it be wrong to eat another dog?!

Question: Would be it be wrong to eat another dog?
I live in a city, Not telling where, but when I was homeless there, I didn't have a lot of money for food at all. One day, I found a stray dog, killed it, then cooked and ate it. That was 4 years ago, and I now got my life in order and a nice place and job. I saw another stray today and it reminded me of my meal that day. Now, would it be wrong to take the dog and eat it, I mean, no-one cares about it, and it is natural for the higher on the food chain to eat others lower. I just want to know if it is right.


Many people around the globe eat dog meat.. No reason it should be different from any other, as long as you're sure you're not going to catch some parasite or another from it..

Personally I'd not eat it, because beef is my meat of choice... are there laws against killing stray animals? I think there might be, so this may be your sticking point...

If not, I'd suggest gently frying it in some garlic infused oil and serving with dauphinoise potatoes and a light summer salad.

Bon apetite :)

(Before you people go mad and start giving me the thumbs down, keep in mind that I'm not serious! Obviously I'd go for sauteed potatoes rather than the dauphinoise) :P

It would be Unsanitary for you since you do not know where this animal has been or eaten.
Eat better, Live longer :)

Please dont eat these dogs...I love them. A cruelty shelter is a better place for them and I understand you were homeless, but since you have a job now, please be nice to them


i hope you're trolling,

You must be joking.. If not, weirdo!

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