can heating milk up after use by date lower chance of poisoining?!

Question: Can heating milk up after use by date lower chance of poisoining?
pretty straight forward question, I have milk, which is past the use by date. will heating it lower chance of nausea or any other side effect? If not, is there any great risk of drniking expired milk, besides the usual stomach pains?


Just as Pancake stated heating milk after it expires will kill off the mounting number of bacteria but, you will get serious diarrhea if you drink it. The bacteria usually doesn't get kill and they just encapsulate themselves and when consumed they will eventually start to reek havoc once in the digestive system. Simply put, if it doesn't smell right even a little, toss it out.

if it doesn't smell or taste bad just drink it. If it does, throw it out. If you spoil milk a lot try buying canned evaporated milk and mixing it with water. (it tells you how to do it on the can) It's a smaller quantity,.Or keep powdered milk on hand and mix your own,

Heating milk after expiration date could possibly become sour. Also, you might get diarrhea if it is too old.

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