Do you eat Velveeta? Why, when there are so many good cheeses around?!

Question: Do you eat Velveeta? Why, when there are so many good cheeses around?

No, I don't eat it like cheese, but I do use it in recipies because it does melt very smoothly. Makes a nice sauce.

I do eat it because I am not a cheese snob.
I like all kinds of cheeses and cheese foods.
You can't beat Velveeta for a nice cheese sauce.
No I don't want it on my pears, I prefer Maytag Blue and a nice Stilton.
i don't want Stilton on my pasta though. For that, give me a robust Parmesan or Romano cheese.
All cheese and cheese products have a place on my table.

I love real cheeses, but I admit to having a brick of Velveeta in the fridge. It has its place in comfort food, like football bean dip and my husband's tuna dish he makes. Would I slice it and eat it on But it's a good cheese product for melting purposes, so what the heck.

I'm not really a huge fan of processed cheese products... Kraft Singles/Velveeta Singles are okay in a cold sandwich, but if I'm making a proper grilled cheese, it has to be a better cheese than that crap...

I do like the Velveeta Shells and Cheese from time to time, though.

Sorry but it's not cheese. It's pasteurized process cheese food product. It's cheese the same way that lizards are human.

Some very sophisticated eaters I know like it and eat it and use it, but it ain't cheese.

It isn't one that I eat often, but I do like some, from time to time.

I have to agree there are so many really great cheese on the markets now.
I have some very nice Anchor Colby and this one seems to be far moister than other brands

I mostly use Velveeta in recipes for mac & cheese and scalloped potatoes. Sometimes I use it in grilled cheese sandwiches. It is good for cooking but I prefer natural rather than processed cheese for eating on crackers or in cold sandwiches..

I agree with you.There are so many good cheeses to choose from.I don't like velveeta or american cheese.Unfortunately my wife still buys them on occasion.

for thanksgiving we made mac&cheese the fresh cheese way and it was oh my gosh heaven in a bowl. we used five different cheeses!!

No, because it is to salty.=)


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