Who makes the best waffles? Or do you buy Eggo?!

Question: Who makes the best waffles? Or do you buy Eggo?

The best waffles I've ever had are from a local diner. They're belgian waffles with strawberries and whipped cream. Yum(: My mom makes really good waffles too, but she doesn't make them much because we usually don't have much time in the morning.

Malaysian street food- makes the baest pancakes and waffles with kaya ( coconut jam) or nutella or coklat ( chocolate)

I make the best waffles.
Try a yeast based batter, they are delicious.
I don't mind store bought waffles from time to time though, and I don't have a special brand.

I make the best waffles with my little waffle maker, although I don't like washing the thing. Mmmm. I like Eggos if I'm pressed for time.

The way I make them is the only way I'll eat them. I use Jiffy cornbread mix for the waffle batter. They're amazing, nothing else even comes close. Then instead of syrup (ick) I dunk them in country gravy.

The Waffle House has good waffles.I also love Eggo's chocolate chip waffles.

Eggo is good, but I love this little diner in my hometown :)

I use my own waffle maker with Krusteaz brand mix... the best!

I buy Eggo=)

I make my own from scratch, so I think they are the best.

Paula deens

I love Paula Deens' waffles

their the best :)

I make my own.

You mean what brand makes the best waffles?

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