Why would an ice cream company make their ice cream so dense?!

Question: Why would an ice cream company make their ice cream so dense?
So once I had this vanilla ice cream. It was 280 calories per half cup and so thick and dense I could barely scoop it out. If i even half a quarter cup of it for dessert, bye-bye diet. I'll miss you.

On the other hand I just had some ice cream that was very light an airy, with a delicious fluffy texture. It's 150 calories per half cup because it's not hard packed with fat and calories and it's so much more yummy than the 280 calories-per-half-cup ice cream. I can now have 1/4 cup for dessert and have it barely impact my diet. Ten almonds would be the same cost, or a pack of sugar free gum.

So why on earth would an ice cream company do that? I am never going to buy that ice cream again, it was so hard to scoop, eat, and burn off it's simply not worth eating. And please don't say I shouldn't eat ice cream at all, it's just one small scoop at the end of the day. Why not, really? Dessert won't kill you, unless you're talking about the first vanilla ice cream.


Just for someone like you to complain, I suppose. Honestly I like the flavor of denser ice creams rather than fluffy ones with added air.

Yes it's unhealthy to eat the denser ice cream, but at least I'm not paying for air.

Do as I do make your own ice cream
then you can make it as light or dense
as you want !!!

Because some people like it that way, enough people to make it profitable to make and sell..

It's just their way of making it.

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