I really hate the taste of most fancy foods (foie gras, caviar, lobster) is that normal or is it just weird?!

Question: I really hate the taste of most fancy foods (foie gras, caviar, lobster) is that normal or is it just weird?

I don't find it weird. Most "fancy" foods are disgusting.

Some fancy foods taste like **** I agree, but I guess they are just considered fancy from tradition and the difficulty of the means in which they are acquired. The scarcity of an item can cause it to be high priced rather than the taste. Think about it Mcdonalds tastes great to a lot of people but it is really cheap.

tricks and hoes


Some are normal.
I do not like Caviar as it is like eating salt but I do like Cod's Roe which is the same thing (Fish Eggs).
I do not like Foie-Gras either it is just Fat filled Duck Liver, Give me normal Liver, No problem.
I eat Black Pudding, Hogs Pudding, *******, Kidney's, Liver, Oxtail, Tongue, Trotters.
But I do not agree with Lobster. I like it along with Crab, Langoustine, Prawns and Shrimp. But it may have be the way it was cooked when you tried it. I didn't like Courgettes when my mum cooked them in butter (To Greasy and Rich) but like them just lightly boiled or steamed in a little water.
About the only Mollusk I do not like is Whelks, The only time I have tried one I was still chewing it literally 10 minutes later, May have not been cooked long enough but others have said the same thing.
I do not like Champagne or Pimms is pointless and prefer my own home brewed wine to any top notch wine I have tasted (and I have tasted a few whilst serving in an officers Mess whilst in the Army).
I think more people are just scarred of being looked down on if they say "I do not like ".

If you like Crab you would like Lobster as they are very similar in taste (I do not like it swamped in butter).

Andy C

Foie gras and caviar are known as a required taste, and are usually consumed in tiny amounts.

If you don't like lobster that is unusual, as that is one of the top seafoods you can buy. It's not weird, some people think oysters are.

It's normal they are aquired tastes not everyone likes them:)

it's normal... it's ur taste.. and because u r not use to tat kinda off foods...

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