which is more super yummy??..Cheeseburger or Cheesesteak?!

Question: Which is more super yummy??..Cheeseburger or Cheesesteak?
Fools with cheese act 3

Burger: sooo, cheese, wanna go out later?
Cheese: well ok, where we go?
Burger: how about to...
Steak: hold it, you're going out with this loser?
Cheese: well maybe you want me?
Burger: back off steak, you're all muscle and no brain
Steak: what you say burger, you're nothing but all fat and nothing esle
Cheese: relax guys
Burger: he's just jealous that im better than him
Steak: what!!!!

~cheeseburger wins in my view, how about yours?


Cheese is such a slut.

i'm all for cheese steak.......

It depends on how soon that cheesesteak is going to hit my lower intestine and wreak havoc. If I have a lot of time to spend on the throne within 8 hours after the cheesesteak, I'll chance it. If not, I'm definitely going for the cheeseburger every time. A cheeseburger is safe and comforting--like a wife. A cheesesteak is kind of like a stripper you're having an affair with. Don't get caught with your pants down--or not all the way off.

Cheese steak with mushrooms,peppers & onions ,provolone cheese on a toasted bun and extra mayo,oh and can't forget a tall glass of sweet iced tea.=)

Cheeseburger, but I don't eat those anymore. I eat Turkey Burgers.


They will both get ya fat so i'd say cheese steak

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