I have a meatball tomato sauce sub from subway?!

Question: I have a meatball tomato sauce sub from subway?
My mom bought it on Wednesday and today is Sunday and I am really hungry. Is it ok to eat it? I am scared.


As long as its been refrigerated the whole time it should be fine. Don't eat it if its been out for any period of time. It may not taste very yummy though. I probably would heat the meatballs then heat the bread so your bread won't get hard before the meat gets warm.

i dont think thats a good idea personally, you can chance it if you want to but i would watch

NO! it is not okay to eat it! throw it out. its not a good idea to eat food that old!

if it was left out, dont touch it. If it was refrigerated, just heat it up in the microwave and it will be fine [:

I might risk it but it is dodgy.

If in doubt toss it out.

If it's been in the fridge , yes

one way to find out is by using ur senses to include the most important one....common sense...

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