Is my chinese takeout shrimp lo mein still good after 6 days?!

Question: Is my chinese takeout shrimp lo mein still good after 6 days?
I don't think it smells bad... it smells normal. But is it still safe to eat?


NO - shrimp are only good for a day at most - don't take the chance - 6 days, forget it!!!!!!!!!!!

No way I would take a chance on 6 day old Chinese food. Don't take the risk, unless you have nothing to do for the next week and want to lose some weight badly - which is how you'll lose it!

If it was in a refrigerator I'd say it's good for a week otherwise it's bad by now if you left it on the counter... Make sure you microwave it or cook it

My brain

I wouldn't take any chances. foods left in the fridge (especially meat) can grow lots of bacteria, which can make you sick. If you're really desperate, microwave it on high until it's sizzling hot.

It was likely a few weeks old before they even cooked it, so, maybe.

No it will not be.

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