my freind told me chocolate is good for you is it?!

Question: My freind told me chocolate is good for you is it?

one small 10 gram packet of Chocolate per day is good for you,
it has nutrients and vitamins in it
anything over 10 grams in bad for you
because of the fat and sugar
although it is ok to eat Chocolate occasionally.
Choc late does have some good nutrients and
vitamins in it

Milk and white chocolate have added sugars and additives in the chocolate, but bitter-sweet and dark chocolate have a lot of vitamins and minerals, but too much chocolate is not good for you. If someone says "oh chocolate is soooooo good for you, but only a little at a time and mostly its dark chocolate.

i think thats only dark chocolate the others just give lots and lots of well dark chocolate does too but if u consume alot

Yeah dark chocolate has many beneficial effects.


not really, the sugar outweighs the coco bean properties.

the dark kind 70% chocolate

Dark chocolate is good for your heart

yes it is the dark kind

cocoa powder. don't be a fatty like ur friend there

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