I didn't wash blueberries before eating?!

Question: I didn't wash blueberries before eating?
I know, stupid right? I just ate a lot of blueberries and was too lazy to wash them. So, will I be fine?


I rarely remember to wash fruit or veggies before I eat them.
Haven't croaked yet.
I do remember to do it if I run into a sandy batch though.

should be fine, unless you saw some major defects, like molding, or a lot of dirt on them.

Just remember to wash them next time.

You should be alright,i forget to wash fruit a lot of times too,and it hasn't hurt me.

oh you sure will be fine but the bugs will be hanging out and having a blast in your system!

me myself and I

Depends on what was on them. However, chances are good that nothing traumatic will happen.


they aint poisonous, are they?

your fine

Oh, good cow. You get more chemicals from the bottled water you drink.

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