Is a gas BBQ cheating?!

Question: Is a gas BBQ cheating?

gas cooks faster, and more even. (less turning) but you don't get the charcol taste. you sacrifice flavor for speed.

I dont know that I would say it is cheating but I would say it is not to the qaulity of Charcoal. No matter what you do you always have that gas taste.

No matter what Postcaodes you are in the poster who said that it is grilling to cook on a BBQ Grill, is right. True BBQing is a low and slow process.

Gas or charcoal, it's not barbecuing ,it's grilling.BBQ is slow cooking indirectly over several hours.

No, sticking your penis is another woman is cheating.

It is a different form of cooking< I agree, in many cases taking your indoor range outside.

No, grilling/BBQ is what you make of it. It is up to your preferences.

The purists would say so.

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