remove nuclear contamination from water?!

Question: Remove nuclear contamination from water?
Will an ro system filter out the type of radiation our water could be affected by from the nuclear disaster in Japan?


That is a very good question, the three radio active metals found in nuclear contamination are plutonium, uranium and ceasium which are quite large and heavy on a molecular level, since a reverse osmosis membrane is rated to filter out down to 0.0005 microns it would eliminate radio active metals. However our RO system have never been tested to filter out radiation, radioactive metals tend to decay and deplete much faster than other forms of minerals, such as ceasium decays into radon which is effectively filtered by reverse osmosis. Using a large whole house KDF-85 filter to reduce out other heavy metals would be an excellent pre-filtration method to maximize radiation reduction.


Former top WQA (Water Quality Association) certified water treatment consultant here.

Radon is the most common source of radioactivity in water, and is in the water from many municipal and private wells through out the United States and Canada. I do not know about Mexico, never got there. For radon removal, you need an activated carbon filter. A good R/O system will remove what is left as far a radioactivity, but there is something the carbon filter will take out that is a greater danger than radon. Chlorine. And you actually get more radon and more chlorine in your body from taking a shower than drinking you eight glasses a day. Your shower could be giving you cancer. Literally.

The amount of radon is tested and has to be under Federal limits, but as long as it is under limits, you may be drinking it. Chlorine does a good job and is important, by I want it out when I shower or drink my beverages

No. No consumer water filtration system can remove radioactive particles and radiation from water.

Fortunately, the type of radioactive particles that are used in the reactors in Japan have a very short half life, so contaminated water will become perfectly safe within a few weeks to a month at the most.

Pure water (100%) can become radioactive. It's the other contaminants (minerals, dirt, etc.) that hold the radiation and thus become contaminated. RO is not 100% effective and thus will allow a small amount of contamination through.


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