I don't stay full for long...?!

Question: I don't stay full for long...?
I make sure to eat breakfast every morning. I usually have an apple, yogurt, another type of fruit and a couple of nuts for protein. Then I eat those all over the course of 1 or 2 hrs in the morning. About noon I'll have a half romaine/half spinach salad with carrots, tomatoes, radishes, onions and a bit of parmesan cheese and then I put two Tbsp of ranch in a separate cup and just dip a tiny bit on the fork before taking a bit of salad. So the salad is fairly large for approx 300cals. Yet within an hour of eating it I'm usually hungry for something else and I feel like it should keep me full longer since all that healthy stuff is in it? What gives?


You need to have more protein try adding some grilled chicken breast or save your nuts and eat them in the salad. Protein keeps you fuller longer.

High matabolism! Lucky! You just burn it off fast.

me two

could be a tapeworm inside of you...i'm pretty sure it can cause this

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