Egg pasteurization help???????!

Question: Egg pasteurization help???????
I was trying to pasteurize eggs at home. I don't know if I did it right. I add some milk to 2 eggs and beat. Then I heated them at low temp until the reach 160 degrees constantly stirring. When I removed them from the heat there was some completley cooked egg on the bottom of the pan so I strained the liquid egg and added to the brownie batter (Im making raw brownie batter edible). And then I froze the mix, are the eggs pasteurized and is the brownie batter now safe to eat?


why pasteurize the eggs if you're going to be using the eggs in something you're going to cook... like brownies?

If you really want to heat the eggs to 160F use a double boiler. Heating over direct heat (gas or electric) is hard since the bottom of the pan is being heated directly the burner (much hotter than 160F).

You can't pasteurize eggs. They cook at a very low temperature.

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