please please Help with dessert! easy ten points :)?!

Question: Please please Help with dessert! easy ten points :)?
ok. this is a really dumb question but I need YOUR help. ok. would you rather eat custard pie..... or bread pudding? i'vee never made or eaten either one so I dont know which to chose. which is better in your opnion? thanks so much!!!


Bread pudding - it is awesome! I don't like it when it has raisins in it (though I do like raisins). I used to work at a bakery that would make white chocolate bread pudding out of day old French bread. It was so good! If you're interested take a look at the link below, it's a white chocolate bread pudding recipe that's very similar to what they would make at the place I worked at.…

Or, for less work (though it will take longer and uses a slow cooker):…


Bread pudding b/c it tastes better. Custard pie doesn't have as much flavor to it. Also, with the bread pudding have a glass of milk and a small scoop of coffee ice cream. So good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i would say bread pudding, maybe a banana bread pudding! that would be tasty!!! you have to get the right consistency with custard for it to taste right.

Personally, I would prefer custard pie, simply because I have had bread pudding and it really isn't a favorite of mine.

Bread pudding... custard pie is messy and I like the cinammon and raisins in the bread pudding.

Bread Pudding. Something about it just sounds delightful. I don't know why though.

Uh my uh uh opinion ? I guess.

Neither of them sound very appealing, but if I had to pick I'd say bread pudding. That used to be my grandpa's favorite dessert(:
Have a good weekend!

Custard pie.

Um i think bread pudding cuz soo many people have said it waz good!

I would go for the custard pie.

hmmm. bread pudding


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