Always craving sugar HELP!!?!

Question: Always craving sugar HELP!!?
I am always craving sugar, its getting on my nerves. I want to eat healthy but its hard. Because sugar tastes so much better than veggies and fruits, any advice?


I find that I get the munchies if I'm not busy enough. In other words: boredom. Get busy and the cravings will disappear.

Make sure you look at the labels on food. One Minute Maid Lemonade has the same sugar as 6 ice-cream-sandwiches. You'd never think of this, but it's true. Now that you're looking at the sugar content of food, give yourself a daily limit. See how much sugar you eat in one day, and try to reduce it just a little at a time. If there are 24 hours in a day, and you sleep 8, that leaves you 16 hours left. Divide this by four, and you have 4, 4 hour time frames. Set a goal for each time frame, so you don't lose track of your intake through the day. Now allow yourself 2 splurges a week. Maybe you have ice-cream on Monday and a candy bar on Friday. If you try to cut out sugar, you'll go crazy.

I have the same problem. I had the mirena birth control put in a year ago and its amazing how that has increased my sugar cravings. I never had that problem before the mirena. Now I keep tootsie rolls stashed for a sugar kick. They are not too bad in calories and it helps.

well what helped me to get over my craving for sugar was eating really sweet fruit all the time till i didnt really miss all that processed sugar.

Well just eat fruits and vegetables and set a side for sugar atleast once in a while i guess Goodluck :)

It is all about will power and self control, so learn not to reach for it.

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