Do you bother to wash your grapes before eating them?!

Question: Do you bother to wash your grapes before eating them?
Now hear me out on this...

If you just run them under the water are you really, really cleaning them? Wouldn't you have to polish each individual grape a full 360 degrees to really get them clean?


Rinsing is better than nothing. I do worry about pesticides.

Wouldn't that be the same for every fruit and vegetable you buy at a grocery store? Yes. You're actually suppose to rinse and lightly scrub fruits and vegetables with mild soap and water because of the pesticides that have been sprayed on them. Unless you're getting them from your local farmer's market, then just a quick rinse under water will be fine.

I just rinse them and soak them for a few minutes.

I never wash grapes. If its bad, Im guilty.

I always rinse them at least once

No but my cousin who works at heb says u should...she so many people pick at em Nd touch them

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