What is the "grossest" thing you can think of to make in the microwave?!

Question: What is the "grossest" thing you can think of to make in the microwave?
There's this one tv commercial where they make something that's just totally gross and I can't remember what it is. Anyone know, please help. Anyway, answer the question carefully and thanks!!!


Cut off some random fat guys flab, and then put it in a bowl with all of the feces that you can find. Let it soak, then put it into the microwave for 6 hours. Take it out, it will mostly be really cold because 6 hours is really short.
Then eat some really nasty chili. After about an hour of eating chili, make yourself throw up into the bowl with the flab and feces.
Now, go to the gym with thick socks on. Run for 7 hours straight and then go home. Take off your thick socks and roll the sweat out of them and make sure it hits the bowl.
Now go into the bedroom and.. .. for 3 hours. Take your..... and dip it into the bowl and make sure all of the..... comes off.
Now, put in microwave for AT LEAST 36 hours.

Take out of microwave, and sprinkle with cinnamon.

once i took a wasp that stung me pulled out the stinger and let it fly around for a while. then i plucked off its wings and put it in the microwave and watched it explode. I was a masochistic kid. but not anymore lol. trust.

A rotten chocolate bar
heres what you don't do stic a breakfast corndog in a microwave for 1 hour i did it and the microwave burnt on fire

IMO pizza. I love pizza when it's freshly baked, hot and delicious. When it's reheated in the microwave it comes out rubbery and nasty. Ugh!

I can't think of anything that is gross.
The only thing I don't like nuked is eggs, they go rubbery.
That might be what you saw.



A waffle. It gets all soggy and gross.

a kitten

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