Why does everything i eat taste like blueberries?!

Question: Why does everything i eat taste like blueberries?
Everything i eat tastes like blueberries. I haven't taken any medication and i haven't eaten any blueberries.. and ahead of time, i don't smoke weed. Any ideas on why this is happening?


I think your just imagining but if not ask a doctor. I know something like that happened to me and after a while I figured I was imagining, I stop thinking about it and it worked or maby your just craving them.

You might have an oral yeast infection. This is not uncommon, as I personally know someone who can only taste bananas.

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P.S.S.S. You can get rid of it by gargling with nystatin, or by systemic treatment with something like diflucan, or you can try various herbal antifungals.

All forms of diabetes make yeast overgrowth more likely.

Im sure pizza wont taste like blueberries ;)

Try to taste something different.

Maybe because you are smelling it...=)

prob jus ur brain messin :)

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