How to preserve raw chicken for two days?!

Question: How to preserve raw chicken for two days?
Equipment available prior to the two days
Freezer, Salt, Water etc
Perhaps some marinade

During the two days, it'll have to be in the thermos, and will not eb able to refrigerate it etc.
The Thermos will be around room temp.
The Chicken is raw
It will be cooked at the end of the two days
Take out of fridge on Friday Morning (early), Use chicken on Saturday Evening


A brine will preserve it and keep it from getting contaminated if the temperature should get above 45-55 d F, the salt locks in the moisture to so when you go to cook it, rinse and either bake or stew it. I brine my chicken except for breast all the time.

Keep it inside a pot filled with water....
This technique is used in villages of india..
Its a technique to refridgerate... : )
Make sure you change the water everyday!

An insulated cooler/ice chest and a bag(s) of ice.

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