Why did my red cabbage turn blue?!

Question: Why did my red cabbage turn blue?
I don't usually buy red cabbage; I like my greens green,but this time I did. As is my habit, I shredded it and put in a small pinch of bicarb to break up any wind discomfort lurking in there. The water turned a dark navy blue and when I fished the cabbage out, it had turned a very pretty mixture of dark blue and turquoise. why did it change colour? the taste doesn't seem to be affected, I hope it's healthier now all that blue is down the drain.


because of the pigments ! ypu can use it to dye paper as well
lemon juice makes it bright pink, soap makes it green , and bicarb makes it ..blue
should still taste fine

Red cabbage (Brassica oleracea var. capitata f. rubra), also referred to as purple cabbage, is one of many fruits and vegetables to contain a class of reddish purple pigments called anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are a type of flavonoid pigment responsible for the red, purple and blue colors of most plants, including leaves, flowers and fruits.

Red Cabbage Contains High Concentrations of Anthocyanin Pigment Molecules
Red cabbage contains at least thirty-six of the over 300 different anthocyanins responsible for the range of red and blue colors in plants, according to researchers Charron et. al. in their recent article published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Science (Vol 55 No 3).

These pigment molecules are stored in the cells of the red cabbage leaf. When exposed to heat during cooking, anthocyanin containing cells burst open, causing the water-soluble color pigments to bleed into the surrounding liquid. This explains the immediate color change in the cooking water as red cabbage boils, eventually resulting in a colored liquid referred to as cabbage juice.

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Red cabbage is a natural indicator which can tell you if something is acidic alkali or neutral.
When you soaked them into the water with the bicarb the water changed to blue which tells you that it is alkali.

Science lessons

You probably told the red cabbage your problems and distressed the poor thing.

Don't talk to plants you want to eat ?

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