Do you like cheese? Because I don't?!

Question: Do you like cheese? Because I don't?
I love that spray cheese, and those cheese squares you get individually wrapped, and, of course, nacho cheese... YUM! But I hate mostly all "pizza cheese," except the cheese on Tontino's brand pizza. I love Totino's. But I hate cubed cheese, cream cheese, mozerella cheese, and cottage cheese with a passion. Are you this way too? Do you like cheese? Am I normal? I am not a troll, and serious answers please. Thank you. :)


CHEESE IS THE BEST! Although, some people don't like it. It's an acquired taste so you have to try different cheeses and find out what you like. Some people are also lactose intolerant, which means their stomachs cannot handle the breakdown of dairy(cheese included) and their stomachs get gassy and uncomfortable. Cheddar cheese is really sharp, I really love Jalape?o or Jack Cheddar cheese which is spicy and it has a kick of flavor.Cheese and crackers are good. Cheese and deli meats and olives are good together like on those little deli platters at the supermarket. It sounds like you really enjoy the processed cheeses. Be careful because those are not to healthy, they have a lot of sodium(salt) in them. As you get older, you might enjoy wine and cheese, I hear those two go really good together. You can go to a fondue restaurant...I hear those are really good too! Fondue is melted cheese, different types they have a menu, and you can dip different things in them like crackers, bread, etc. LOL you're not a troll and you are normal. But I really like cubed cheese. Cream cheese is great! There's different flavors. Try dunkin donuts get a cinnamon raison bagel toasted with plain cream cheese. It's awesome cause the bagel is kinda sweet, and the cheese is neutral! You can try an everything bagel (or garlic or onion or plain) with scallion cream cheese, toasted. Scallion is related to onion, it's absolutely delicious I promise you! Some people like lox and cream cheese. Lox is a type of fish. I hear thats the breakfast of true New Yorkers. Cottage cheese I don't eat plain. But its good with a little bit of jam for a sweet treat on a cracker or bread. Like cottage cheese and strawberry jam. Just a tiny bit of each don't go overboard. You need more cottage cheese than jam though. Mozarella cheese is good too! Like little balls of mozarella in deli's. They're seasoned and flavored. Or a tiny slice on top of a tomato with some basil and olive oil+salt/pepper. Also hot wings with Bleu Cheese is awesommme!!! Or as a dressing on salad. It really depends on the presentation of the cheese, and how/what you eat it with!

I love cheese. Love love love all kinds of cheese. except that fake stuff like velveeta or out of can since it's not actually food.

I know people that don't like it though. And I even know people that will only eat it hot... which is the one I find weird.

I agree with you on this. I used to be a cheese-aholic lol, I loved the stuff. However recently I can't bare the cheese on pizza's, it just seems so plasticy and i'm pretty put off by it at the mo. I do love real cheese though, but not the processed stuff

My Evil Pony, well I am the opposite to you, I love cheeses, Danish Blue, Provolone, Brie, Camembert. Your normal if you don't like cheese, everyone have their preferences.

You are pretty much like me, except I hate every type of cheese! I always order pizza without cheese, just extra sauce. I'm the only one in my family that loathes it. Yuck. Thanks for making me feel normal again! :)

I like almost all kinds of cheese, but it's okay if you don't because you are entitled to your own opinion.

Some of my friends don't like cheese either. They think it's nasty.

There is no right answer, but I know some people who don't like cheese. Just personally, I LOVE cheese - Could not live without it! But it is alright if you don't.

My Tongue

Every Cheese is yummy

Cheese is a versatile delicacy. I like some cheeses, and detest others. Hope this helps!

I love cheese!!!!!!!

Maybe a lil weird :)

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