Have you ever binged?!

Question: Have you ever binged?
Whether you actually have BED (binge eating disorder) or there was just that one moment in your life where the food was too fabulous, have you ever eaten so much that your gut stuck out?

List the foods you ate.



I won't go into details, you would probably not believe me anyway- it is too triggering for me.
I nearly died many times from stomach rupture.

Bulimia is deadly.

Yes, just once... But you have to understand that binge eating is actually very bad for you! If you're worried about gaining weight, try working out after (or before) you eat, but don't binge please! By starving then eating food like that, you actually gain more weight faster and more of that weight is fat. The main reason for this is because your body isn't receiving any food/nutrients, it tries to store anything and everything it can. Therefore when you do eat, your body goes into a "protection mode" and immediately transfers that food into fat and stores it, in order to "protect" it. Thanks for reading this! Good luck! :)

Yes! Today! I had a milkshake from Sonic, grilled cheese from Sonic, 5 mozzarella sticks from Sonic, 6 girlscout cookies, milk, cereal, yogurt, grapefruit, cereal bar, nuts, licorice, and I think that's everything I ate today. Too much! XP

home made chicken & noodles mashed potatoes and gravy

LOL, if that's what you consider "binging"... that's what I eat for lunch.

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