will a hooters girl debone your wings if you ask her to?!

Question: Will a hooters girl debone your wings if you ask her to?
alright so i live in the San fernando valley in CA and i have been to hooters a couple of times and was wondering if you ask a hooters girls to de-bone your wings will she do it?


No, we don't do that.

Bruce, do you want her to feed you as well, and wipe your mouth when your finished, how about holding your hand to the bathroom? Give us a break.

For cash shell do anything

2 Live Crew

Only if you offer her money. They'll do anything for enough money.

Go 2 the one in Burbank & ask them!! Dont b surprised if they knock u out =D

No they don't do that.

That sounds like a mommy fetish. Do you want her to get you a sippy cup too?

Yeah...for some cash.

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