Do anyone know the secret to shopping with coupons?How is it done?!

Question: Do anyone know the secret to shopping with coupons?How is it done?
ex. people have buggy full of items well worth over $100.00 and pay very little for them.


Hello! We use coupons on everythig we buy! Here us an example! Ex. We went on eBay and ordered 30 Pyrex coupons. It cost about 10.00 Pyrex was on sale for buy one at 2.99 get one free. Our coupons were for 3.00 off! Do we got them all free and since they were BOGO we rung it all up and it came to 15.00 for 10 Pyrex. But we only used 5 coupons since they were BOGO ( so we used 5 coupons for 10.) the total was 15.00 and they coupon amount we were giving them was 30.00! So we figured every 5 coupons we used we would get 15 dollars free for other grocerys. So we ended up getting 60 purex. And we didn't pay anything and had 180.00 for our extra grocerya. So now we have laundry soap for the rest of the year and we had 180.00 dollars to spend on our other grocerys. This might sound confusing but it all works out in the end. We go to giant eagle for all our grocerys. They double coupons!

my experience

A secret that my great grandmother once told me, was cut out all the coupons in your Sunday paper. Next gather all the ones of items that you use, and consider using the others that you usually don't while it's on doing this, u can save up to at least 35 dollars on a huge grocery bill.

I think that people just buy they items that they have coupons for!
Once i went to a local grocery store, and this one lady had a buggy full of food, they ranged it up and she paid nothing! They actually gave her $5.00 and i swear this is true! i don't know what she did, i still wish that i would've asked her or the employees.

My Opinion

Those new coupon shows make people think they can get food for free. Those shows don't tell you that those women do nothing but look for coupons.
Only buy what you are really going to use. If the store brand is cheaper even if you use the coupon, buy the store brand.

To do that so well you realy have to do a lot of work.

Use your coupons to work with sale prices. Use them when it is a couple coupon day (meaning if the original value of the coupon is .75 then the final value of the coupon will be 1.50)




That's very rare but try to use the coupons when the products are on sale.

you find any coupons that are cheap and shop at wal mart they match any price with coupons

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