Chicken, Beef, Pork, or Fish?!

Question: Chicken, Beef, Pork, or Fish?
which is the better meat?


1-Fish is the healthiest
4-pork it has a lot fat

All meats can be great, depending on what you do with them. I'm a vegetarian who eats fish, and I've discovered that there are many different ways to cook fish and make it taste like something completely different.

I perfer chicken because you can make it with different dishes, and cook it different ways.
You can fry it, bake it, salute it, and etc.

My Opinion

Chicken and fish are probably the best for you. Chicken (white meat and skinless) is low in fat and high in protein. Fish has lots of healthy omega 3s that we need which help our bodies, such as healthy skin and hair.

Fish!!! i love it :)

But htats cus im a pesciatarian.

but i do admit.... chicken goujons/sweet and sour chicken/roast chicken is nice... :) but i wouldnt eat it.

I do miss duck though... sometimes... but ive neevr cheated *wwink wink*

A good rule of thumb is that the fewer legs something had the better it is for you. Therefore fish is best, then chicken, then beef, pork, lamb, hippo or whatever. lol

Fish contains many nutrients including Omega 3 which is a very important part of a good diet.

Fish, i love Salmon, mackerel, red snapper, cod fillet

Fish is much better. If you've seen what they do to the animals to gain weight you wouldn't eat meat again.

Chicken !!!!
preferably fried ;)

employee at KFC

fish is the healthiest, my preferred fish is salmon mmmmm :p

I'm veg. so i don't eat meat...
well not that kind of meat(;



LAMB you idot LAMB!
But chicken makes bigger boobs, so meh.

All together in a big couscous!

Pork, no homo

Fish is the best dish..

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