Has anybody hired a large chocolate fountain before?!

Question: Has anybody hired a large chocolate fountain before?
If so, how much did you pay? And were the things you dip in included.


My cousin had a fairly decent sized one at her wedding that she bought herself. It was not tiny but not huge.
The only thing about it was when people were all making their speeches and the guests were silent... the whirring of the fountains motor was highly distracting lol.

why don't you google chocolate fountains that you can rent. Call around get some prices . OR you could always buy your own if you could find one.

HERE!! try this place! http://www.crownchocolatefountains.co.uk…

i think about $150 (chocolate included but not the dipping fruits, marshmallows, etc)
you'll also have to clean the machine before returning it of they charge a huge amount extra and they are hard to clean

As a group function at work, we rented a chocolate fountain for $50. If did not include the chocolate or any dippers

No, but i want one

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