smoothie emergency!!?!

Question: Smoothie emergency!!?
i really want a fruit smoothie i have plenty of milk/ice but all the fruit i have is canned:1can peach, 1can pear, 1can pineapple, 1can Mandarin oranges and 2cans fruit mix. And im 14 so no "rum smoothie" stuff; please hurry! <: )


use the pineapple, and put in orange juice, and milk, and ice! it'll taste tropical-y. ahaha
or if you have strawberry yogurt, you can use that, instead of orange juice :)

Pick a canned fruit. Pour into blender. Fill with ice. If you have a plain yogurt, add it, otherwise about a half cup of milk as you have the liquid from the canned fruit. If the fruit is canned in water, then drain it first and use a cup of milk.

the peach and pineapple might taste good together!! but if not.... just do the peach

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