what is the best thing to eat when your mouth is hot from peppers?!

Question: What is the best thing to eat when your mouth is hot from peppers?

Try Drinking Milk

When eating spicy foods, it’s a much better idea to keep a glass of milk nearby. In fact, the fats found in all dairy products—like milk, buttermilk, and yogurt—seem to be able to counteract the burning sensation caused by eating spicy foods.

Other Beverages

If your mouth is burning from eating spicy foods, and you can’t drink milk, try drinking a beverage that contains lemon or lime juice, like lemonade. Tomato juice is also good. The acidity found in these beverages will help cut through the capsaicin. Eating orange or lemon slices can also help.

Eat Rice or Bread
If you’re eating spicy foods and things start to get a little too hot, eat some rice or bread. Both will absorb the capsaicin that’s making your mouth burn. Bananas can also help.

You should eat/drink dairy. Like: milk,yogurt,and ice-cream
Try putting an ice cube in your mouth. Or eat bread or rice.

Hope this will cool your mouth down.

These are all from my experiences and my friends

Milk will counteract the heat.

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